Friday, March 2, 2012

What A Drawing Is:

Last week, after visiting the exhibition at Matthew Marks Gallery in Chelsea, of Anne Truitt's drawings, I posed the question "What Is A Drawing?" and proceeded to explore it through images of my own "works on paper" (and fabric, and text). You can see that post just below this, with links to the gallery and Truitt's exhibition also (-- under the one that announces my online exhibition).

Today, as part of what I intend as an intermittent ventilation of my blog with the voices of others, I am posting photos of drawings by artist friends. I was delighted, as the photos came in, by the serendipitous alignments I found among them, all wonderful to my eye.

Each artist's drawing is below her or his name, and clicking on the name of the artist will open to a website for each. Click on individual photos for an even better view of each one. Enjoy ~ and my thanks to all the contributors!

 * * * * *

"Not paintings, not pure textile, simple with a lot of the ground plane a drawing."

"2012 #3," hand-dyed wool and egg tempera on linen, 14-1/2 x 12 inches

"I call the works done thusly WITHDRAWINGS... They are not really paintings even though I 'paint' a layer of gouache-tinted gesso on heavy watercolor paper; and they're not exactly drawings because the image isn't 'drawn,' but excised. I draw the image by cutting parallel lines with an exacto knife and revealing it by removing the gouache/gesso-fused uppermost layer of paperpulp between the cuts - leaving thin raw paper lines."


charcoal drawing, collage, 2011

Untitled Dollar Drawing
ink on dollar, 2012

"A drawing is a riddle."

"riddle 01" - a paper 9 square quilt for dark nights.
conte crayon, graphite, on linen paper.

 Lori Ellison

"Well," ink on paper

"I've been drawing with fire, hot iron, hot glue, thread, and blades for years. I draw from the inside out. I get drawn in, I am drawn out. I draw out using any available tool in my surroundings. It is an additive/subtractive gesture and process of revealing/concealing. Stimulated by the universal element of fire, burning is a risky matter, holding both destruction and warmth. Drawing with fire leaves a mark I cannot erase."

Cosmic 2 ©UlaEinstein
a grid of fire drawings on rice paper, each 5" x5"

"Most of my work ends up more painting than not. For me drawing is mostly about line  but I get into a slippery slope once I start using words."

"Diagram A"

"These are blind contour drawings done with my right hand. I mostly paint now, but when I travel, I take book pages or use hotel stationery or whatever paper I can find and draw."

untitled contour drawings #1, 2009, ink on paper, 11 x 8 inches

"The snow drawings are done with my paint water for the day. I open the door to my studio and hurl it out in one or two gestures. Sometimes I think it is my best moment of the day. I often take photos of them. The light is always going down too."

"Snow Drawing 2," 2011

"I consider some of my works predominantly drawing even though I often 'draw' with a narrow brush and thin paint."

“Möbius Spin”, 2012, 14” x 5 ½”
Acrylic, metal pigment on cold pressed watercolor paper

Bascha Mon

"... it seems that it is just up to the artist to declare is this a drawing or not."

"This cameraless Chemigram uses photo paper, resist, and chemicals to degrade the paper's silver where not protected by resist, much like a print maker using a plate and acid bath; in the process, gesture and flow of chemicals and even resist are all part of the image. The photo paper is then processed as usual. I am drawing with the resist but the photo materials and flow of chemicals create images not possible with usual drawing materials. This piece uses an experimental resist I received when Golden Paint Co. invited me to demonstrate  use of their products in making Chemigrams. More information and images are at"


"I did a series of these with Ilan Katin some years back. He did the ink lines, I did the colored pencil."

Patricia Fabricant and Ilan Katin
collaborative drawing, ink and colored pencil

"The subject of Drawing and what it means 'to Draw' seems to be in the collective conscious. It has gained momentum as a primary medium for quite some time. So what does it mean to draw? I would say it's like taking a line out for a dance. In my own work the boundaries are questioned and challenged through technique,materials and approach combining other mediums into the act. It's about 'the line'."

"the In-Between Spaces", 2011
3 dimensional drawing on light box, varied wires, pins, wax pencil, mylar

untitled drawing

ink on paper, 30 x 22"

".... anything with line? and i guess by that a lot of my works on paper come under that wide umbrella."

"History," 2011, oil, charcoal, pencil, 300gm watercolour paper, 37x27cms


"'Acanthus Climbing,' installation, is currently in a group show at the Kohler Arts Center called "The Line Unleashed." I have been working with these materials (pipe cleaners, yarn, fabric, plastic, thread, pins, and fishing weights) for over ten years and think of my installation work as drawing in space.


 Theresa Chong

 "Nini" (a porcupine/ in Native Alaskan Language), 2009
Color pencil and gouache on hand dyed Japanese Paper
32"x 46" 

* * * * *

In case anyone's wondering, the contributors self-selected by responding to the invitation I posted on my FB wall a number of times in the last week, inviting volunteers to respond to my earlier post on the blog, "What Is A Drawing?" No one who sent me a drawing was left out; it just happens they all look great together and cover a range of possibilities! I will be making other posts in the future, to bring my artist friends into the blog with their own voices or images, something I want to do at intervals, so my blog won't be such a mono-blogue!


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