Monday, February 27, 2012

Re: Vision

Ravenna Taylor, "Flamenco," 2012, painted collage, 28 x 33-3/4 inches

This piece is part of a series I call "Re: Vision." You can see 12 others - oil paintings on canvas, linen, and/or wood, and more painted collages - in my online exhibition; open the link here: Galerie Cerulean, at Abstract Art Online. Click on the image of the collage at the home page to open to the first of three pages, featuring four images on each page. Click on individual images for better views and titles, size, etc. Find the arrow key under the images at the right, to scroll to each of the next pages. I am pleased to share my new work, and with thanks to Joe Walentini.
This photo and those in the online exhibition, credit to Greg Benson and Fernando Gaglianese.


Visual sensation stirs my attention to perception and thought; as emotion and thought impact senses and perceptions, my curiosity engages. My imagery derives from such observations, the dovetails and overlaps of lived experience. 

My paintings chronicle my choices; to choose is to begin, to be alive, to be human. Several of these pieces began as other works I’d thought were finished, but which I turned back into beginnings. I’m calling this assembly of work “re: Vision,” to disclose the revisiting, and refer to my preoccupations with our powers of perception and thought.

I compose my pictorial abstractions to excite associations. While nature’s phenomena inform the paintings, our human nature provides the long warp on which I weave. I have some favored subjects and allusions to arrange, like Morandi’s bottles. Among them figure time, games, measures, maps, fleet reflections and shadows. Artistic influences range widely, from Mughal miniatures to Modernism. I delight in color, harmony, patterns, and ambiguities. I construct and destroy, obscure and clarify; I celebrate choice.

February, 2012


  1. I love your work, Ravenna. (I am also an artist, and on FB, which is where I found the link.) I will save your blog, as it's great to read. Best wishes from Fiona.


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