Monday, September 9, 2013

Defeat Dies in the Negative Spaces

in morning, early
from your pillow
windows were graphite
grey with close fog

and smells of damp soil
rotting fungus and grasses
threaded through openings
in the tattered screens

and under the sky
tractors were threshing
machinery tearing
noise beats a wooded slope

blackbird's trickled call: a stream
like pebbles slipped from folded hands
humid summer's breath unfolds you
the sun defers to leaves

©2013-14 Ravenna Taylor

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Wind Will Blow

shall you

stunned to see
the sweet face of

to smell
the sweat-soaked shirt
she'll shed

to hear her breathy
her sotto voce


what does it augur
if Autumn

o p e n s

with a thundery rain?

things fall
out of our hands


 find your updraft
 cloudward flight lifts

a life
driven by desire
meets its central fact

wind will blow
breath must expire

©2013 Ravenna Taylor