Thursday, September 3, 2015


©2015 RavennaTaylor, "Continuance," photopolymer relief print, collage, 6 x 10 inches


I hear the hollow drill
of the Pileated Woodpecker;
unwinding almost visibly, a ribbon of rattle
snagged in a maze of trees.

Tied up in knots
I practice ordered tangles,
drawing them from diagrams
while blindly feeling for my fid.

A species of tiny birds depends
on inborn facilities:
weaving grassblades, tying knots.
Unlike us, they need not teach one another.

I guess I might have figured out
how to tie a knot, if
my father hadn't shown me
I would've thought I'd invented it.

image and text ©2015 Ravenna Taylor


  1. Wonderful poem, Ravenna, weaving so many thoughts together.
    I had to look up fid.
    I love the collage.

  2. great poem, great collage! love both!!


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