Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"Heat Waves" was on view in "Going Big," LES, Manhattan

 ©Ravenna Taylor, "Heat Waves," 2014, oil on linen over wood, 9 x 9 inches

My painting, "Heat Waves," pictured above, was included in a large show of small works, thanks to artist/curators Suzan Shutan and Susan Carr.

The curators jumped on an opportunity to lease exhibition space for the month of August, and to make an exhibition by selecting artists from their wide circle of artist colleagues, a community mutually constructed by thousands of artists who meet online via Facebook. As a result of these connections, many interesting conversations and leaps of faith have been made, and friendships that are sometimes entirely online, sometimes face-to-face. It has changed the dynamic for contemporary art in a way all artists seem to agree is for the better, and Susan Carr and Suzan Shutan have made this show to celebrate that. With 111 artists contributing works of 12 inches or less, the costs were distributed; and although it might seem like a vast show, it was merely a corner broken from the edge of an important online community. 

The invitation to exhibit occurred just as I'd been thinking of doing such a thing myself, to celebrate my birthday this year, and to celebrate the connections which I value so highly. But I immediately realized I couldn't pull that off, and didn't really want to -- it is too fraught, to have to choose some people and leave out others.

The 111 assembled works represent a small proportion of our online artistic community. But I want to say explicitly: Those artists who are not featured in this show, who have not contributed works or volunteer efforts or financial shares in the lease of the space, are still contributors to this exhibition, which is about the community that has been constructed online, by mutual and collective effort, both personal and professional. I give thanks to all my artist friends on Facebook for that. I know it was in this spirit of celebration that Suzan and Susan took this on. "Going Big" was on view at Central Booking, 21 Ludlow Street, NYC through August 28.

Artist and journalist Joanne Mattera had work in the show, and built a comprehensive post on her blog, documenting the exhibition fully. (Joanne's blog is always worth a visit, and I recommend subscribing!) She has also included a list of links to other articles about this extraordinary show. Please visit Joanne's blog, here

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