Friday, January 27, 2012

Today my homage is to Anne Truitt, with thanks to the Matthew Marks Gallery in Chelsea (NYC), for this beautiful installation in their elegant gallery in 2010. I had great pleasure in absorbing this work then, and in photographing it. Here is an apt observation from a piece by Charlie Finch in Artnet:  

"There are two interpretive elements to Truitt's sculpture, a forbidding armor which blocks out the viewer at first glance, and then a slowly revealed intimacy which invites further discovery."

"Artists have no choice but to express their lives. They have only, and that not always, a choice of process. This process does not change the essential content of their work in art, which can only be their life." ~ Anne Truitt


  1. Thanks for the beautiful images, and Truitt quote. I wish I'd seen that show.

  2. It was marvelous! Matthew Marks will open an exhibition of Anne Tritt's drawings next week, Altoon. Thank you for the visit and comment!

  3. thanks for the post. you might enjoy some of these

    1. Thank you, Viewer! The photos on your blog are superb!


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