Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Sound Of Time Passing

Yesterday was a bright day, not too cold (my furnace isn't working properly, but I have a wood heater too), Tosca was on the Met Opera live broadcast; it was a great afternoon for painting.

I began a new piece, even though I know I can't finish it for the upcoming show -- but I could see it in my head, already completed, and needed to get something down. I'll have to put it aside for awhile, return to other projects while it dries, before I can continue. It's the nature of oil paint, and the way I use it. I had mixed exactly the right amount of my blue, just a smidge more than needed to complete the first pass - that's one of those mundane satisfactions, like making a nice stack of wood, or asking for 1/4 pound of cheese and watching the vendor cut it within a gram.

The image for the painting derives from a drawing I posted here a few days ago, so I will title it with something alluding to the words I wrote on that sketchbook page. I am usually thinking of titles at the very beginnning of a piece, because I work on several at once and keep a notebook that tracks their progress; having a title helps if I decide to go back to see what pigments I used for a color.

The words under the drawing are "Decay, of sound, as it slides away from time." A couple things I am often thinking about while painting: Time, how I experience it and how it is measured; how it is limited and how it is not. And the ever-present (in my mind) threshold of the metaphysical powers of paint and the decorative ones. I am not so avoidant of the decorative properties in my paintings as I was a couple decades ago. I still want to express visually my questions about the metaphysical aspects of life, but am embracing my pleasure in the decorative arts: tile work, gameboards, toys, and the joys of visual patterns and color.


  1. great seeing you engaged with your beautiful work

  2. Francesca, thank you, and thanks for visiting the lagoon!


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