Saturday, February 28, 2015

Plot Twist

©2013 Ravenna Taylor, "Holding Sway," watercolor, gouache on paper, 19 x 20 inches

This watercolor/gouache didn't go into my last online exhibition, the show titled "Plot Twist." It's about 18 inches square. The pale green is the color of this beautiful handmade Italian paper. I like to mix gouache and watercolor together, which makes a less predictable granulation and opacity than either one on its own.

This is the final weekend before my new show will be mounted in Joe Walentini's online Galerie Cerulean. I call the new show "Many Rivers," after one of the paintings you'll see, and also the song by Jimmy Cliff. If you'd like, have a look at the twelve images in my Plot Twist exhibition, at this LINK.

I'm looking forward to sharing the Many Rivers works with you soon.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Merely the hem of the skirted storm, pretty and neat, and small.

Canada Geese dropped to the pond in our midst.

We, dropping to sleep, heard a single soft honk,
one meant to assure: All clear.

Morning light scatters.
A still surface shields more fluid dark shimmers;
rafts of icy scrim reflect the snow.

Inlets form two tangent pools—ventricles of one heart.

Pliant as skin, ice yields to the geese. They bead the snow-banked edge,
assembling as though the pond might speak.
In reply they'll compose themselves
as a poem.


For the sky, the silver of tarnished sterling; on the ground, petals
a pale rose.

©2015 Ravenna Taylor