Saturday, February 28, 2015

Plot Twist

©2013 Ravenna Taylor, "Holding Sway," watercolor, gouache on paper, 19 x 20 inches

This watercolor/gouache didn't go into my last online exhibition, the show titled "Plot Twist." It's about 18 inches square. The pale green is the color of this beautiful handmade Italian paper. I like to mix gouache and watercolor together, which makes a less predictable granulation and opacity than either one on its own.

This is the final weekend before my new show will be mounted in Joe Walentini's online Galerie Cerulean. I call the new show "Many Rivers," after one of the paintings you'll see, and also the song by Jimmy Cliff. If you'd like, have a look at the twelve images in my Plot Twist exhibition, at this LINK.

I'm looking forward to sharing the Many Rivers works with you soon.

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