Friday, November 1, 2013

All Saints

All Saints’

mineral ochre leaves of trees
glazed with damp today
shed to shield the russet ground
faster - heavy as snowfall -
yonder in the clotted sky
metal plumbous clouds

No petal yellow warmth reflecting
No pushing up the warming waves
No lifting slipping season high

- don't let it fall to shards
hardened earth, O kindly sky

©2013 Ravenna Taylor


  1. elegiac images, and a plea, a prayer
    here crows, hemlock and leaves tossing themselves in erratic gusts of wind

  2. Ravenna - love these first two images

    1. Brandt, thank you - they are found, not made, even the second one, amazingly. If you click on one, they open up larger in a "slide show" format, and you will see a tiny bug trying to hide under the end do a stem on the underneath one.


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