Friday, October 25, 2013

High Water Marks II

©2013 Ravenna Taylor, digital painting over photo

It takes only two points
to describe a line, but
between those two points
an infinite number

of unseen points is presumed.
And it's said that there is
in Nature
no incidence of a straight line -
but if the line waves
then it is a form of locomotion

for sound, or light, or water,
for cold drafts of air,
or the spray of a storm.
Maybe time travels in waves.
Other forms of locomotion
could be, for instance, feet,
if you're lucky, or
wings, or wheels, or thought.
You can draw a line
around your foot
but that won't get you anywhere.

©2013 Ravenna Taylor, Untitled, oil paint on shaped paper, 30 x 22 inches


  1. Two beautiful paintings, and a marvelous poem, taking me meandering.....

  2. I replied by email, but I can't do that apparently. I hope the first response didn't get lost. Returned to this again, Ravenna. It makes me dizzy, a little as if I were swimming underwater. Almost puts me into a trance.

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth -- I wonder how you replied by email? to my regular email account, which you have, or through this blog? I haven't found another reply from you, but I will look deeper into this blog page and see if there is something I'm missing! Thank you, (I hope you don't find the dizziness unpleasant....)


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