Friday, June 21, 2013



Fireflies ignite
A frog to punctuate
And there's the Mockingbird

- solo not alone –

He'll stitch his own Companion
Spun from loosened threads 
Tugged from another’s song

Carry down the winter bedding
So sun will shake it out today
Tree Swallows fledging in an instant

– tipping axis –

In that wheeling Flight
They turn ellipses in my sight 
Hay-maker shakes out arcs of sound 

© 2013 Ravenna Taylor


  1. Wonderful poem for the first day of summer. I love the description of the Mockingbird's song; up here in Vermont, we have the Brown Thrasher whose repertoire is "woven of the
    Threads tugged from another’s Song"
    thanks for this lovely post.

    1. thank you, Altoon. I wonder if we have Brown thrashers here? I must look that up. We also have lots of Catbirds -- but it is the Mockingbird that loves to sing at midnight, when there is no other sound but the frogs. They lived in SF too, and I remember friends complaining that the Mockingbird in their neighborhood would keep them awake, which always baffled me. When I heard the Mockingbird sing in the night, I would make myself stay awake to listen.

  2. Just coming home from my country retreat garden home I so appreciate this post. Thanks Ravenna! Makes me want to return right now and listen to the different voices of nature again - a wonderful quilt of sounds! My favourite being the sound the wings of the little bird makes when it is flying towards our house again and again to feed its little ones in the nest right next to my sleeping rooms window. The most beautiful sound to wake up too! And we have a mockingbird too, at least one. It sits in our cherry tree and sings all night long!

    1. I love your comment, thank you, Susanne!


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