Thursday, June 19, 2014


Two points
describe a line.

-- my eye and that red stone --

Between two points
an infinite number
of unseen points
is presumed.

-- my ear and that bird's lilting flight --

Also it's been said
that Nature will not draw
a line that's neither curved nor crooked;
but if the line waves

-- as streams and music meet --

it is a form of locomotion
for sound, or light, or water,
for cold drafts of air,
or the spray of a storm

-- so shifts a wind to change a scent's direction --

Maybe time travels in waves.
Other means of transport
might be, for instance, feet
if you're lucky,

wings, or wheels
or thought.

-- a pencil traced around my foot --

I, for one, can draw a line
but it might not lead to anywhere.

©2014 Ravenna Taylor